Steam Gift Card Scam

Steam Gift Card Scam explained, what to do if you have fallen for it and how to avoid it

How it works

  1. You will receive a DM from someone claiming to be offering a Steam gift card

  2. They link you to a site and ask you to login

  3. The site is a fake Steam login page and will steal your login credentials

I've already fallen for this scam

  1. Immediately change your Steam password

  2. Contact Steam Support and let them know what happened

  3. If you used the same password on other sites, change it there too

How do I avoid this scam?

  • Don't click on any links from people you don't know

  • Don't login to any site that isn't

  • Don't give out your login credentials to anyone

  • Do you know the user? If not, don't interact

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