Discord Support Scam

Discord Support Scam explained, what to do if you have fallen for it and how to avoid it

How it works

  1. Scammers create fake Discord support accounts

  2. They reach out to you claiming that they reported you or that you have been reported

  3. They trick you into changing your Discord email to theirs (which steals your account)

I've already fallen for this scam

Contact Discord support immediately and get them to change your email back.

If you scanned a QR code, change your password. If you downloaded a file, assume it is malware and wipe your PC and change all your passwords

How do I avoid this scam?

  1. Discord Staff will NEVER DM you about issues with your account.

  • Discord may send you a system message which looks like this.

  1. Never share personal information or download files from untrusted sources.

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