📜Community Server Rules

Our full set of rules for Eeveebot Support

1. Follow Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

This is a catch-all rule. We base our rules on these guidelines.

1.1. You must be at least 18 years old to be on the server

To safeguard minors, individuals suspected or found to be under the age of 18 will be banned. Additionally, you must go through a verification process to prove to be the age of 18 or older to access NSFW content. (Read more.)

1.2. Don't glorify, promote, or normalize suicide or any other acts of physical self-harm

This includes content that encourages others to cut, burn, or starve themselves, as well as content that normalizes eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia. Self-harm acts or threats used as a form of emotional manipulation or coercion are also prohibited.

You may not post, share, or engage in: [sensitive language content warning]
  • Offering or sharing methods or advice on how to commit an act of self-harm

  • Normalizing or encouraging self-harming behaviors

  • Discouraging individuals from seeking treatment for self-harming behaviors

  • Sharing self-harm material in order to trigger a self-harm response in someone else

See Discord Suicide and Self-Harm Policy Explainer for more.

2. No NSFW Content / CP / Gore / Animal Cruelty

2.1. Don't send or talk about NSFW content in non-verified areas

Discord requires all sexually explicit content to be age-restricted and hidden from users under the age of 18. If you say you are younger, you will be banned. This includes joking about your age. We define sexually explicit content as any content that presents genitalia, female nipples, the anus, or sexual activity without censoring or obscuring it. Sexually suggestive content is any content that may evoke sexual arousal without being overt in description or depiction of genitalia, female nipples, the anus, or sexual activity. Users who post sexually explicit content in non-verified areas are permanently banned from the server. (This includes NSFW in avatars, banners, bios or other spaces that cannot be age-restricted.)

The following types of content will be considered "sexually explicit content" and may only be shared in "verified" spaces:
  • Texts that openly or clearly describes partial or full adult nudity, such as sexually graphic text as part of a fanfiction story or sexually stimulating roleplay exchange

  • Media that openly or clearly depicts partial or full adult nudity, such as a photo of a nude individual or a videos of individuals engaged in a sex act

  • Drawn or AI-generated text or imagery that includes graphic sexual content

  • Sexually suggestive content that is clearly and only being shared for the explicit purpose of sexual satisfaction

See Discord's Sexual Content Policy Explainer for more.

2.2. Don’t send or talk about CP / Child Sexualization

Content that sexualizes children has no place on Discord or in society. We don't tolerate any kind of text or media — real or generated — on our server that portrays children in a sexual manner. This type of content causes serious harm to victims.

We consider Off-Platform Behaviors when reviewing content under this policy due to the high-harm nature of the offense.

We report illegal child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and grooming to Discord who may report it to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Users who post this content are permanently banned from the server.

You may not post, share, or engage in the following types of content, such as: [sensitive language content warning]
  • Portrayals of minors engaging in sex acts, or in sexually explicit or suggestive poses

  • Sexual comments about or desires for real or fictitious minors

  • Links to websites containing material that sexualizes minors

  • Photos or videos of non-nude minors in a sexualized or fetishistic context

  • Statements expressing intent to obtain materials of child abuse or engage in child sexual abuse

  • Promotion, encouragement or normalization of pedophilia or sexual attraction to children

  • Photos, videos, or drawings of nude or sexualized minors, such as “lolicon” or “shotacon”

  • Photos, videos or illustrations of naked or sexualized anthropomorphized minors (sometimes referred to as “cub porn”)

See Discord's Teen and Child Safety Policy Explainer for more.

2.3. Don't send or talk about Non-Consensual Sexual Content

We take a firm stance against the sharing, distribution, taking, or creation of sexually explicit or sexually suggestive content of other people without their knowledge or consent.

The term non-consensual sharing or distribution of adult intimate media means sharing intimate or sexually explicit content without the person's knowledge or consent, whether it's with a group or one person.

You may not post, share, or engage in: [sensitive language content warning]
  • Sharing, distributing, taking, or creating:

    • Sexually explicit or suggestive media (also known as “revenge porn”, “non-consensual pornography”, or “image-based sexual abuse”) without explicit consent from the individual(s) involved

    • Secretly taken media of an individual’s commonly sexualized body parts (breasts, groin, buttocks, thighs, genitals, cleavage, etc.) without the individual’s knowledge

    • Non-consensual sexualization of individual(s) (sometimes referred to as “tributes”) without explicit consent or knowledge from the individual(s)

    • Non-consensual sexual content of sexual assault, sexual violence, or sexual abuse

  • Creating, commissioning, sharing, or distributing altered or generated intimate media of individual(s) without explicit consent or knowledge from the individual(s) involved

    • This includes AI-generated media, as well as altered audiovisual media, often referred to as "deepfakes” or “deepnudes”

  • Sharing, distributing, taking, or reproducing “paywalled” sexually explicit or sexually suggestive content without explicit consent from the individual(s) involved

    • Paywalled content refers to content that is exclusive to the people paying for it

See Discord's Non-Consensual Adult Intimate Media Policy Explainer for more.

2.4. Don’t send or talk about Graphic Violence / Gore

We do not allow the uploading or sharing of any material depicting real violence, gore, or animal cruelty. Violent and graphic media can include various forms of content, such as portraying death or injury, showing detailed physical harm happening to individuals, or depicting the infliction of pain, fear, or distress to animals.

See Discord's Violence and Graphic Content Policy Explainer for more.

2.5. Don't send or talk about Dangerous and Regulated Goods

We prioritizes safety and preventing harm on our server. Therefore, we do not allow anyone to buy, sell, trade, or discuss any potentially dangerous or regulated goods. Dangerous or regulated goods include but are not limited to: firearms; explosives; tactical gear; imitation firearms; illicit drugs; and marijuana.

We consider a good to be “dangerous” if it has reasonable potential to cause or assist in causing real-world, physical harm to individuals, and “regulated” if there are laws in place that restrict the purchase, sale, trade, or ownership of the good.

Discussion of alcohol and tobacco is permitted, given that all members are adults in the server. However, the discussion must comply with local laws and must not promote illegal activities or violate other server rules.

You may not post, share, or engage in:
  • Coordinating the illegal selling, buying, or trading of dangerous or regulated goods

  • Providing instructions on assembling or building illegal firearms or explosives

    • Note: This does not include discussion about maintenance of a legal firearm, for example on how to properly and safely disassemble and clean a firearm.

  • Providing instructions on manufacturing illegal drugs or regulated substances, such as pharmaceuticals

See Discord's Dangerous and Regulated Goods Policy Explainer for more.

There is a list of Banned Words at the bottom of this document.

3. Be Respectful to All Members

3.1. Don't engage in Hate Speech

Our server and Discord in general is a place where people come to hang out with friends. As part of our goal to promote acceptance and inclusivity, we prohibit hate speech, discrimination, and prejudice.

We don’t allow hateful conduct or the use of hate speech while on our server. This includes the use of hate symbols and the denial of historical mass atrocities. We define hate speech to include any expression that degrades, vilifies, or dehumanizes individuals, incites intense feelings of hostility towards defined groups, or promotes harm based on protected characteristics.

Protected characteristics includes various aspects, such as age; caste; color; disability; ethnicity; family responsibilities; gender; gender identity; housing status; national origin; race; refugee or immigration status; religious affiliation; serious illness; sex; sexual orientation; socioeconomic class and status; source of income; status as a victim of domestic violence, sexual violence, or stalking; as well as weight and size.

However, we understand that there are nuances and will give exceptions in instances of reclaimed language, satire, educational or documentary purposes. The use of satire must be obvious and we will not allow users to deflect blame retroactively by claiming their statements were made ironically or as a joke.

You may not post, share, or engange in:
  • Expressing contempt, loathing, or disgust towards members of protected groups based on their inherent characteristics

  • Purposefully dehumanizing individuals based on their relation with protected groups

  • Perpetuating negative stereotypes about protected groups through derogatory generalizations and insulting misrepresentations

  • Repeatedly using slurs to degrade and demean individuals or groups. This includes intentionally deadnaming or misgendering a transgender person

  • Threatening, glorifying, or promoting physical harm against members of protected groups

  • Claiming that a protected group is inherently inferior due to perceived deficiencies

  • Calling for exclusion, segregation, or discrimination against protected groups

  • Spreading unfounded claims about protected groups to incite fear, hostility, or violence

  • Denying well-documented mass human atrocities or casting doubt on their occurrence

See Discord's Hateful Conduct Policy Explainer for more.

3.2. Don't share Personal Information / Doxxing

We take a firm stance against doxxing. We do not tolerate anyone putting somebody in danger by leaving them vulnerable to data breaches, targeted harassment, and real-world threats such as physical harm. Doxxing is when someone shares the Personally Identifiable Information, or PII, of another person without their permission and with the intention to cause harm. A dox is the collection of the Personally Identifiable Information of another person.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) includes any information that could be used to identify an individual, such as a name, home address, social security number, banking information, driver's license number, and any other sensitive data.

You may not post, share, or engage in:
  • Sharing the Personally Identifiable Information of another person in an effort to harass or humiliate them

  • Posting links to websites containing doxxes

  • Arranging food delivery to an address without the target's consent as a form of harassment

  • Selling doxxes or otherwise making them available as a service (“doxxing-as-a-service”)

  • Participating in a server dedicated to collecting doxxes

See Discord's Doxxing Policy Explainer for more.

3.3. Don’t troll, be toxic, cause arguments, or be rude to members

It’s impossible to list every single way someone could break this rule but if we catch you trying to be an edgelord, you will be punished.

If you want to talk about sensitive topics with someone, please take it to DMs.

4. Don’t Spam / Be Annoying

4.1. Don’t Spam Chat

Spamming reactions, messages, emotes, walls of text, zalgo text, newlines, and pings in chat is prohibited.

Do not use spoilers to pretend to bypass automod.

Spamming new posts in forum channels, or spamming tickets is prohibited.

4.2. Don’t Be Annoying

If someone is asking you to stop, or you are getting on people’s nerves, please respect their boundaries and shut up. The last thing we want to do is come home from work or school and deal with an annoying little runt.

If you are asking everyone to shut-up, you are the annoying one. Read the room.

5. English Only on this Server

Since our moderation systems and team rely mainly on English, we ask all users to use English. If you cannot speak English, please use Google Translate or perhaps find a server that will accompany you better.

6. No malicious content

6.1. Don’t use Discord to scam or send malware / viruses

If you are found to be doing this inside and even outside the server, you will be permanently banned.

6.2. No fake virus videos

Videos that trip someone’s antivirus are annoying. Please don’t send them.

Any link that is sent intentionally to record IP addresses will result in punishment. This also includes hosting your own website and asking “who’s xxx.xxx.xxx?” while sending someone’s IP.

6.4. Don't share Phobia-Triggering Content

Do not share content that can trigger common phobias. This includes but is not limited to images, videos, or links related to:

  • Spiders (arachnophobia)

  • Clowns (coulrophobia)

  • Heights (acrophobia)

  • Small spaces (claustrophobia)

  • Snakes (ophidiophobia)

  • Insects (entomophobia)

If you are unsure whether certain content might trigger phobias, please seek approval from the moderation team before sharing, or simply don't share it.

7. Discord Profiles

7.1. Your name must be pingable on a U.S English keyboard

This is so staff can quickly moderate members.

7.2. No Alternate Accounts (Alts)

Creating or using alternate accounts (alts) is strictly prohibited. The use of multiple accounts by the same individual undermines the effectiveness of bans and disciplinary actions. Violation of this rule may result in penalties, including permanent account suspension.

7.3. Your Discord Profile must adhere to our rules

So any racist, hate speech, sexist, or malicious content on your profile will result in you being punished.

In most cases, Automod will block member interactions from you, if your profile contains any Banned Words.

8. No Advertising

These rules apply for anyone sending a discord invite, link to their social media, or referral links to a platform.

8.1. Don’t DM advertise

DM advertising is against the ToS so we permanently ban you if you do it. DM advertising includes talking to people for a bit and then asking them to join your server 5 minutes later.

8.2. Don’t Advertise on the server

Sending an invite link, telling people to join your server, intentionally pointing to your status or about me that contains an advertisement is strictly prohibited. We do not allow advertising on this server unless it is in the appropriate channels.

  • #media for sharing images/videos

If someone asks for your server / social media, please DM it to them.

You cannot change your name to hoist it on the memberlist to try to advertise.

9. Don’t Bypass Automod

Attempting to bypass automod will result in you getting punished for the rule you broke and we will be stricter than usual.

10. Don’t Find Loopholes in the Rules

No rules list is completely cohesive. If you feel like you’ve been treated unfairly by a moderator, please report it to an admin.

If you feel like you’ve been treated unfairly by an admin, DM icedqueen.

If you intentionally are finding loopholes or misreporting abuse to staff, you will be punished accordingly.

Banned Words

The banned word list contains the words that are prohibited on the server, this list may change at any time without an announcement (usually to add in more words).

Variants of the banned words below are also prohibited!


beaner, coon, hitler, jiggaboo, negro, niger, nigga, nigger

Sexism, Homophobia and Transphobia

bulldagger, bulldyke, dyke, fag, faggot, fagot, genderbender, ladyboy, tranny


kyke, zhid, zhyd

Disabilities and Appearance

cripple, deformed, gimp, retard

Violence and Threats

kill yourself, kys


loli, rape, raping, pedo, pedophile, zoophile

While words like "kms" or "kys" are allowed within the context of jokes, telling someone specifically to kill themself, joke or not, will result in a ban.


Private information such as E-mail addresses, IP addresses, Credit Card Numbers and Social Security Numbers will also be blocked.

@everyone and @here (These are not allowed as they are often used in spam messages, and are useless for normal members to send as they do not work.)

Banned Sites

This list contains the websites that are prohibited to link to in the server. Similiar to the banned words, this may change at any time without an announcement.

Banned TLDs

These top level domains are banned. This means that you cannot send any URLs that end with these extensions. This is because most of these domains are either free or cheap to register, and as such are frequently used for scams.

*.cf, *.ga, *.gq, *.ml, *.nl, *.nz, *.ml, *.tk


You may appeal a ban through this link. Please be adviced that you will NOT be contacted whether or not your appeal gets accepted! Also, never contact a mod about your appeal status. Being able to submit for an appeal is not a right, it is a privilege.

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