Paid Game Tester Scam

Paid Game Tester / Download My Game Scam explained, what to do if you have fallen for it and how to avoid it

How it works

  1. You are contacted by a scammer who claims to be a game developer or a game testing company

  2. They offer you to be a game tester and payment

  3. They send you a ZIP file of the game, which contains malware

  4. You extract the file and enter the password they provide

  5. You open up the executable inside the ZIP file

  6. Your computer is infected with malware. Your usernames and passwords are now compromised.

I've already fallen for this scam

  1. Wipe your PC (completely fresh install of Windows)

This is necessary because malware burrows itself into your system and it's hard to guarantee that you removed it.

  1. Change all your passwords (yes, every single one)

How do I avoid this scam?


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