Refund Scam

Refund / Paid Too Much Money Scam explained, what to do if you have fallen for it and how to avoid it

How it works

  1. You are contacted by a scammer who claims to have paid you too much money for a product or service

  2. The scammer will ask you to send the excess money back to them

  3. You pay the scammer the excess money

  4. The original payment never happened, leaving you out of pocket

Sometimes the scammers will send you a fraudulent cheque. Which can take weeks to show up as fraudlent from your bank.

I've already fallen for this scam

  1. Contact your bank and explain the situation

  2. Report the scam to the police

  3. Report the scammer to Discord Trust & Safety

  4. Block the scammer

How do I avoid this scam?

  • If someone claims to have paid you too much money, that is something they can resolve on their end.

    • (translation: tell them to piss off)

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