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Server Rules

Our full set of rules for Eeveebot Support

1. Follow Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

This is a catch-all rule. We base our rules on these guidelines.

1.1. You must be at least 18 years old to be on the server

Discord requires all sexually explicit content to be age-restricted and hidden from users under the age of 18. If you say you are younger, you will be banned. This includes joking about your age.

1.2. Don’t use self-bots, nitro snipers, auto changing statuses, API exploits, or do anything that harms Discord’s servers

Discussing these topics is a bit touchy. If you say you did these things before or you are currently doing them, then you will be punished.

1.3. Don’t execute or joke about organizing raids or doxxes

If you are suggesting that people raid or doxx someone, you will be punished. If you share someone’s doxx, you are also doxxing them and will get banned.
Note: You can talk about how a server got raided or someone got mass harassed. We just ask you to not encourage the behavior.

1.4. Don’t use Discord to scam or send malware / viruses

If you are found to be doing this inside and even outside the server, you will be permanently banned.

2. No CP / Gore / Animal Abuse

2.1. Don’t talk about gore

Talking about gore videos is against the rules. Mainly because most of the time it'd be to encourage others to watch them.
There is a list of Banned Words at the bottom of this document.

2.2. Don’t send any form of CP, gore, or animal abuse

Any photos, videos, ascii art, emotes, gifs of CP, gore or animal abuse will result in a permanent ban.

2.3. Don’t sexualize minors or joke about it

We have a zero tolerance policy for sexualizing minors.

3. Be Respectful to All Members

3.1. Don’t troll, be toxic, cause arguments, or be rude to members

It’s impossible to list every single way someone could break this rule but if we catch you trying to be an edgelord, you will be punished.
If you want to talk about sensitive topics with someone, please take it to DMs.

3.2 Don’t be racist, sexist, send death threats, or engage in hate speech

While we know people can joke about death threats, we do not care about the context of your message. Even if you are trying to pass it off as a joke, we do not allow any racist, sexist, hate speech, or death threats whatsoever on the server.
Don’t know why we need to say this, but yes, having a swastika on your profile is hate speech. And yes, roleplaying as Hitler is not allowed.

4. Don’t Spam / Be Annoying

4.1. Don’t Spam in VC or Chat

Spamming reactions, messages, emotes, walls of text, zalgo text, newlines, and pings in chat is prohibited.
Do not use spoilers to pretend to bypass automod.
Spamming new posts in forum channels, or spamming tickets is prohibited.
Using a soundboard, screeching / yelling, quickly joining and leaving a voice call is prohibited.

4.2. Don’t Be Annoying

If someone is asking you to stop, or you are getting on people’s nerves, please respect their boundaries and shut up. The last thing we want to do is come home from work or school and deal with an annoying little runt.
If you are asking everyone to shut-up, you are the annoying one. Read the room.

5. English Only on this Server

Since our moderation systems and team rely mainly on English, we ask all users to use English. If you cannot speak English, please use Google Translate or perhaps find a server that will accompany you better.

6. No malicious content

6.1. No fake virus videos

Videos that trip someone’s antivirus are annoying. Please don’t send them.
Any link that is sent intentionally to record IP addresses will result in punishment. This also includes hosting your own website and asking “who’s” while sending someone’s IP.

7. Discord Profiles

7.1. Your name must be pingable on a U.S English keyboard

This is so staff can quickly moderate members.

7.2. No Alternate Accounts (Alts)

Creating or using alternate accounts (alts) is strictly prohibited. The use of multiple accounts by the same individual undermines the effectiveness of bans and disciplinary actions. Violation of this rule may result in penalties, including permanent account suspension.

7.3. Your Discord Profile must adhere to our rules

So any racist, hate speech, sexist, or malicious content on your profile will result in you being punished.
In most cases, Automod will block member interactions from you, if your profile contains any Banned Words.

8. No Advertising

These rules apply for anyone sending a discord invite, link to their social media, or referral links to a platform.

8.1. Don’t DM advertise

DM advertising is against the ToS so we permanently ban you if you do it. DM advertising includes talking to people for a bit and then asking them to join your server 5 minutes later.

8.2. Don’t Advertise on the server

Sending an invite link, telling people to join your server, intentionally pointing to your status or about me that contains an advertisement is strictly prohibited. We do not allow advertising on this server unless it is in the appropriate channels.
  • #media for sharing images/videos
If someone asks for your server / social media, please DM it to them.
You cannot change your name to hoist it on the memberlist to try to advertise.

9. Don’t Bypass Automod

Attempting to bypass automod will result in you getting punished for the rule you broke and we will be stricter than usual.

10. Don’t Find Loopholes in the Rules

No rules list is completely cohesive. If you feel like you’ve been treated unfairly by a moderator, please report it to an admin.
If you feel like you’ve been treated unfairly by an admin, DM icedqueen.
If you intentionally are finding loopholes or misreporting abuse to staff, you will be punished accordingly.

Banned Words

The banned word list contains the words that are prohibited on the server, this list may change at any time without an announcement (usually to add in more words).
Variants of the banned words below are also prohibited!


negro, Nigeria + Niger (because it’s used to circumvent N word), nigger, nigga, beaner, chank, chink, coon, jiggaboo, moon cricket, whigger, whigga, porch monkey

Hate Speech / Offensive

retard, faggot, fag, kyke, zhid, zhyd, hitler, tranny
While words like "kms" or "kys" are allowed within the context of jokes, telling someone specifically to kill themself, joke or not, will result in a ban.


@everyone and @here These are not allowed as they are often used in spam messages, and are useless for normal members to send as they do not work.

Banned Sites

This list contains the websites that are prohibited to link to in the server. Similiar to the banned words, this may change at any time without an announcement.

Banned TLDs

These top level domains are banned. This means that you cannot send any URLs that end with these extensions. This is because most of these domains are either free or cheap to register, and as such are frequently used for scams.
*.cf, *.ga, *.gq, *.ml, *.nl, *.nz, *.ml, *.tk
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